200h Yoga Teacher Training in Marrakech, Morocco

20th of March to 9th of April,  2023

Welcome to join The Soulful Kind and Teacher Training Terra Mater Yoga School RYT 200, in this internationally accredited certification with the Yoga Alliance and will provide you with all the credentials you need to teach worldwide. Your teachers Isabella and Mariana have great knowledge within the film of Yoga and will deliver the perfect experience for you. We are sure you will get all you wish for and more in this complete training, regardless if you do it to become a teacher or to deep dive into your own practice of yoga. We are excited too offer this new training location in the place where East meets West and we look forward to guide you into your next personal journey. Welcome!

The Terra Mater Yoga School curriculum

This Yoga Alliance Accredited 200-hour Teacher Training program provides you with a deep understanding of all the different cornerstones of Yoga, including everything from history, sequencing and meditation to marketing and the business of Yoga.  You will be fully prepared to take your next step as a Yoga Teacher – in mind, body and soul.

The program will follow an innovative outline where we approach Yoga from an element-point of view. Going though all the concepts (theory, asana, philosophy, astrology and Ayurveda) as a journey through the seceb major chakras.

Join us on this journey of learning Yoga from its Roots (the Muladhara Chakra) to the Stars (the spirituality of the Sahasrara Chakra).

+ Asanas, pranayama, Yamas and Niyamas,
meditation techniques, teaching methodology
+ Introduction to Ayurveda
+ Introduction to Vedic Astrology
+ Study of sacred scriptures
+ Daily asana clinic
+ Chandra Namaskar and the moon cycle in Yoga
+ Women health and Yoga
+ Bhakti Yoga and devotional singing
+ Introduction to Ukulele and acoustic guitar
+ Mantras
+ Mudras
+ Business in Yoga
+ Ethics in Yoga Alliance certification
+ Introduction to Sanskrit
+ Deep study of chakras and subtle
anatomy, Koshas, meridians
+ Kleshas and psychology in Yoga
+ Anatomy and physiology of human body
+ Glands and chakras

The destination and the hotels

Our Marrakech Yoga Teacher Training program will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in your yoga practice and give you a deep sense of the rich culture that Moroocco has to offer. The majority of our training will take place in the historical medina, the heart of Marrakech! Full of history, traditions, culture, art, and handcrafts - where the past meets the present. We want you to enjoy your stay and experience Marrakech as a local. Together with our wonderful hotel we have planned for showing you around with all the inside-info you need. You are sure to find new favorite spots and to explore moroccan art, restaurants, souks and hidden gems. The area is full of life 24/7 and tourists are a big part of the city so we can all feel safe and free to discover the areas beautiful scenery as we wish.

To give you the full moroccan experience we are excited to announce that we will spend the two last nights of the training in berber-tents in the desert. Off course with all the amendities you need.

RIAD BE – 18 nights
Our amazing hotell, Riad BE,  is located in the middle of this colorful scenery, and focuses on creating an authentic and unique place full of local history, tradition, art, and food. They are a genuine home away from home and open the doors to a fascinating world. The Riad is a Swiss and Moroccan owned property, where Nicole brings the modern European touch to the Riad, while Mohamed preserves the heritage and authenticity of the Moroccan culture. This cultural harmony makes our stay at the Riad an unforgettable experience. The hotell consists of two Riads (next doors) with a small pool each, a SPA and a Yoga Studio that is connected on the rooftop – where we will spend many hours.

All rooms have a heater and air- conditioning, comfortable beds and WiFi. The bathroom is decorated with colorful mosaics or traditional tadelakt and offers bathrobes, towels, shower gel, shampoo and body-lotion. There is daily room service provided. Rooms sleeps one or two Yogis, however there is a limited number of rooms with twin beds.

The hotel has its own hammam and offer a typical Moroccan ritual experience with 100% natural products. The oriental essences can be exactly what you need to help you relax your body and mind.

Welcome to a magical hideaway camp located in the middle of the vast stone desert, 45 min away from Marrakech. We will stay in double or triple cosy berber-tents in an intimate camp environment that also provides us with a restaurant & bar area to enjoy a typical dinner under the stars, a swimming pool overlooking the desert scenery and a beautiful Shala where we can practice yoga. Transfer between the hotels are included. This is where we finalize our training and its the perfect spot for our certification ceremony, which will be held under the stars accompanied with an astrological meditation. Hard to beat, if you ask us! <3

The Flow Yoga Studio space is equipped with high quality yoga equipment: Mats, Blocks, Straps, Mat Towels, Blankets, Bolsters and a sound system. For your comfort it is also equipped with air conditioning. There is also a roof top terrace, upstairs of the yoga studio that offers magical sunrise and sunset sessions, remember to bring a cozy warm sweater for these occasions.

Travel logistics

You can choose to fly either to Casablanca or directly to Marrakech. The transfer from Casablanca takes about 2,5 hours and cost €150 for a car that can take up to 7 people. The transfer from Marrakech airport takes about 25 minutes and cost €20 for a car that take up to 7 people. The Soulful Kind and our hotel is happy to help you organize airport transfer and will, when possible, match you with other students arriving the same time for a shared car. Please notify us beforehand by email if we can assist.


The food

We start the days with two hours of morning yoga and after this the breakfast is always a real treat. Your will enjoy Morrocan yoghurt served with granola made with honey, nuts and dates, accompanied with fresh seasonal fruits, a variety of Moroccan bread served with traditional amlou, honey from the Atlas mountains, seasonal jam, and cream cheese. If you wish you can round off with the cake/waffle of the day and an orange juice, coffee and/ or mint tea.

We stay at the hotel for a daily two-course lunch and a three course-dinner. We are served a healthy and delicious cuisine which has a unique formula of spices, tastes, and flavors. The meals are cooked and prepared with a passionate touch and a lot of details to the ingredients.
 We are happy to provide you with gluten or lactos-free, vegetarian/vegan food. Please let us know your food preferences/allergies beforehand. The dinners are usually a wonderful time, enjoying vivid discussions with new friends under the clear sky, reflecting on the day that have passed.

A typical day

6-8 am: Yoga lesson
8-9 am: Breakfast
9-12 am: Theory lessons
12-3 pm: Lunch and break
3-6 pm: Mixed lessons
6.30 pm: Dinner

A typical day you wake up for an early 2-hour morning class, followed by a fresh breakfast and a short break, some of us use this for a power nap, others simply to rewind. We then move into a three hours lesson session, mostly theoretical, before it is time for lunch and a longer break, perhaps used relaxing by (or in) the pool with a good book, head to the in-house hammam or why not enjoy a walk through the vivid outdoors. Classes continue at 3-6 pm before we enjoy a threee-course dinner at the Riad. Off course you are welcome to explore the area after  dinner time with your fellow students, or you may just find a nice corner with your laptop for a calm evening, preparing for a new beautiful morning.

During our stay we will have five optional lunch-excursions where we leave the Riad for lunches at local favorite restaurants and use the rest of the break to explore a local experience or destination. Lunches are included but depending on the excursion there may be additional (and optional) fees attached. Examples of these excursions are a visit to a famous garden, a private souk tour, a visit to a large hammam, a city-tour on bike, a cooking class or a belly dance (shikhat) lesson.

We also have two full days off the training. These days are ment for you to explore Morocco from your perspective, lunches and dinners are therefor not included. However, if you wish, we are happy to initiate a common excursion. Suggestions could be to spend one day by the Atlantic coast and the other day showing you the best shopping in town for us all to bring something special back home.


The price

The price for this Yoga Alliance Accredited 200-hour Teacher Training is divided in shared and single room as follows:

What’s Included?

+ 200-hour program tuition
+ Training manuals
+ Accommodation for 20 nights
+ 3 healthy meals daily*
+ Still or sparkling water to all meals
+ Yoga mat and yoga props
+ Transfer to and from the desert hotel
+ A profound training for your body and soul
+ Expertise knowledge on the gems of Marrakech
+ New friends for life  from all over the world <3

*During the training we have two days off, please note that lunch and dinner is not included on these two days. Nor is the lunch included on arrival day or dinner at departure day. 
Please also note that airfare and airport transfer is excluded. 


Deposits and cancellation policy

If you wish to make a booking, please note that you will benefit from our new flexible cancellation policy. This policy allows you to cancel your booking free of charge, so long as the cancellation is made at least 90 days prior to the start of the training. For cancellation after 90 days before the training we charge 50% of the total amount, for cancellation 30 days before the training start we charge 100%.

Your €1000 deposit is due upon enrollment to hold your spot. Full payment is required two months before training starts, unless a payment plan has been previously arranged. If you have any questions regarding our policy and your current situation, please reach out to us.





Meet Your Instructors

Isabella Pitaki – E-500 RYT and YACEP

Isabella Pitaki is your main teacher, and few are left untouched by her immersive knowledge. She has been practicing Yoga for 20 years and has a unique mix of competences. Believing in the universality of healing and being, she earned a degree in Western Medicine and underwent Internal Medicine Care training. Full of questions and searching for a deeper understanding in the subtle sciences, she dove into eastern philosophies, Steiner's Anthroposophy, the basis of Chinese medicine, Pranic Healing, Astrology, Bach Remedies and concepts of Systemic Psychotherapy. To integrate this knowledge, she concentrated on prevention and became an Ayurvedic therapist, Yoga teacher and Holistic Healer. During her first 9 years as a doctor, Isabella lived and worked in emergency rooms, common Western Medical Attendances and Intensive Care, social aid in needed parts of Brazil, and now, mostly in Detox & Purification Retreats, Medical Ayurvedic Consultations, minister 5 Elements Workshops and Yoga Teacher trainings registered in Yoga Alliance as E-500RYT and YACEP (Continued Education Provider). In Yoga she lives her truth, by unifying healing, art and spirituality. 
Mariana Magalhaes – 400 RYT
Mariana is your assistant teacher and a yoga practitioner for over 10 years. She has deepened the yogic philosophy through different methods as she has studied Hatha Yoga, Vinyasana, Restorative Yoga and Yogatherapy. Mariana has a degree in journalism from PUC and an MBA in Marketing from FGV. She has worked with business development and e-commerce for more than 15 years at companies such as Americanas.com and  Whirlpool before immersing her self deeper into the yogic world.  Today, as a partner and teacher of Terra Mater Yoga School, her purpose is to help people who search for self-knowledge and personal development through Yoga.