Yoga & Beachlife Retreat (Greece)

Come join the fun

Welcome to our Beachlife & Yoga Retreat in Halkidiki, Greece. We have 5 days of greatness planned for you, packed with love for your body, mind and soul.

Upcoming retreats

25-29 of August 2022

Your days in Halkidiki

Day 1

Getting settled and meeting the rest of the group before heading down to the hotels private beach where we all have a dip and a refreshing drink. After some short relaxation we gather for the retreat's first yoga session. It is then time for showers and dinner at the hotel where we get a chance to get to know each other better.

Day 2

Yay for today as we spend it sailing the turquoise sea. On this full day excursion we have our own private boat for a cruise around the beautiful bays of the area. Prepare yourself for jumping off the deck, sunbathing on open sea and simply feeling a bit extra wild and crazy.

We have an early dinner at the hotel tonight before a meditation-like session about courage and life empowerment, which will be warming our minds up for tomorrows workshop.

Day 3

We start the day with awakening our bodies in a morning yoga. Hereafter you have free time relaxing by the pool, the beach or why not napping in the hammocks. We then meet up again for lunch and the interesting Intention Workshop with the Life Alignment Coach and Theta Healer Maria Alexiadou. In this workshop you will enter the deep practice of your mind to quickly recognize yourself as a co-creator. Her unique process helps you to focus on what you truly wish to be manifested in your reality. Imagine if life does not happen to us by chance, but instead, we co-create it. How will the next version of your life look like then?

In the evening we all leave for the beautiful village Afytos to wine and dine. Our restaurant is located on a cliff and offers a view beyond ordinary.

Day 4

Today we will retreat ourselves properly in a chillaxing way. We have a little bit of sleep in from yesterdays dinner, before heading to a nearby beach. Here we have our own sun-beds just in front of the popular Agora beach club. After a refreshing swim we are prepared for a Stand up paddle course and before lunch we leave together for a spin at the clear sea where you get to enjoy a beautiful scenery whilst learning how to truly master your balance on the board. You will see that you soon find your ground balance and will be ready for the afternoon SUP yoga.

We lunch at the beach restaurant and enjoy a good book or a nap in the sun before the SUP Yoga. We then continue to relax and have fun. And when we feel like it, we simply "Ibiza-like" change into a beautiful summer dress, and change mindset into dinner and drinks mode. After dinner you can choose if you want to head back home or if you feel like continuing the night with tasty drinks and soulful music on the beach club with other locals and tourists.

Day 5

Morning yoga and a last dip in the sea before you hug your new friends good bye. <3

Our hotel

We are staying at the well designed hotel Kassandra Palace, which is located in the most cosmopolitan peninsula of Halkidiki. It is a true gem with a thought through garden design where we can find our own favorite spots for yoga, relaxation and fun. The hotel is providing us with all the necessaries needed and our rooms have ocean view. The best part of it though, is the magnificent light just before sunset. Somehow is seams to hit us everytime, and magically fill us with serenity and bliss.

Are you ready for some soulful fun?

Do you like listening to the sounds of the waves whilst saluting the sunrise with a morning yoga? Are you the type that feel alive when mixing adventures with nowfull me-time? Well, then yes – you are our kind and we will be a perfect match. Please do not hesitate if you have any questions, we are just an email, call or DM away.