About Us

The Soulful Philosophy

Have you ever felt like time is passing by too quickly? You know how they say that life is not measured by
the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away? Well, we want to create
experiences that make you feel alive, inspired and renewed. So we have put together a retreat that will awaken all of that and more while making new friends of this kind. The soulful kind.

We believe that having a blast should not cost billions. Without compromising our high standard we have
designed retreats and trainings that are affordable and accessible. We have carefully chosen the best
hotel for our guests that will provide them with comfort, tranquility and a little bit of luxury. The same
goes for all our external partners that we have thoughtfully picked from the local community. Because our
guests only deserve the best. As for activities, we wanted to give something more than just a regular yoga and-
surf-experience. This is why we have added on jungle hikes, waterfall dips, dinners on the beach,
samba dancing, caipirinha making, boat excursions and a DIY chocolate experience. We easily fall in love
with the activities and experiences in our retreats and hope that you will feel the same. Welcome!

Bella Estrela


The word that best describes Bella is ”fun”. She is always aiming at squeezing all fun she can get out of life and this is exactly her role in The Soulful Kind. She is responsible for making all of our guests laugh, live and love. Laugh the night away, live to the fullest while joining our retreats and love everything about your beautiful self.

Bella is originally from Sweden but knows Itacaré like her back pocket as she lives there. Her favorite things to do is to surf and hike in the jungle.

Before settling in Brazil she lived in different places in Europe, in Asia and Australia while working as an environmental journalist.
But once she found Itacaré she completely fell in love with the place and decided to stay for good.

Today she runs a beach hotel and shares her must-to’s with tourists from all over the world. She is also a certified SUP Yoga instructor and will be leading some of your classes.

Charlotte Eivesteen


Charlotte is a mother of two wild (!) boys and a marketing manager in the IT-business with a strive for a more balanced everyday life. Having kids is a bless and having a job that you love is luxury, but having it all at the same time is hard! The journey with The Soulful Kind became her way to feel that she was actively making her own choices in life and finding her own balance. Regardless of our struggles we all deserve quality time for our body, mind and soul.

With help from Charlottes many years of event planning we have a special eye for creating the perfect mix of events in our retreats as well as the many possibilities to add activities of your preference to our journeys.

When Charlotte gets to decide she is the first to sign up for a long morning yoga and to finish the night off with some dance moves with a big smile on her face. She finds that the beauty is in the mix of what life has to offer and together with Bella she has her mind and heart set to get you all shook up - in the happiest, most relaxing and inspiring way possible.