Yoga & Beachlife Retreat (Brazil)

Join our Tribe!

Welcome to our Beachlife & Yoga Retreat in Itacaré, Brazil. We have 6 days of greatness planned for you, packed with love for your body, mind and soul.

Upcoming retreats

September 29 - October 4

Our Hotel

We are staying at Vila Barracuda, a small boutique hotel located by the Fisherman’s Bay of Itacaré. A picturesque view where the river meets the sea and
where a unique, welcoming hospitality makes everyone feel at home.

The rooms have air condition, safety box, a fridge and of course a bathroom. Depending on the room 1 to 4 people can share it comfortably. You are welcome to learn more about the different rooms HERE.

In the reception you find a lounge area and always a happy face. If you look to your left you will also find a bar and (most of the time) a bartender who can provide you with a piece of heaven. Healthy choice or mood booster is up to you, we are in Brazil – everything is allowed. Even for yogis!

Your days in Itacaré

If you have a hard time relaxing in between our scheduled activities we have good options for you.
Tell us on spot if you wish to join more yoga classes, sign up for massage, healing, even more surf, vegan food course, ziplining through
the Atlantic rainforest, deep sea fishing, coloring your own scarf from roots hand picked by you from the jungle or if you simply want to learn how to make THE Caipirinha.

Day 1

Getting settled before enjoying a private welcome dinner at our hotel Vila Barracuda.

Day 2

We head for a full day excursion to a Cacau farm where we start the day with a yoga class in a beautiful yoga studio over looking the river and the Atlantic Rainforest. We continue the day with a brief tour around the Cacau farm and make our own chocolate from fresh Cacau beans. After having enjoyed a vegetarian lunch at the farm we head to a lagoon hidden inside the rainforest for a refreshing swim. To finish off this perfect day, we will have a pizza at the famous pizzeria Orla 55.

Day 3

Get your sneakers on because today we are making a proper hike through the jungle with the local "McGiver-ish" guide. The destination of the hike is nothing less than the 5th most beautiful beach of Brazil – Prainha. At the remote beach we enjoy a tasty picnic, do a yoga class  and relax in the sun before heading back home. In the evening we all meet at the beautiful yoga studio of Ilha Verde where we will take part in a traditional Cacao ceremony, a very special event that aligns our heart chakra.

Day 4

After breakfast we head to the beach with Easy Drop Surf School (voted to be one of the 5th best surf schools in the world by National Geographic). In order to get to the beach we hike through the dense Atlantic rainforest, passing by waterfalls and a rich biodiversity of tropical vegetation. In between the two surf surfsessions we will enjoy a delicious local snack called Tapioca and freshly picked coconuts.

In the afternoon we meet up for yoga at a breathtaking location: The Barracuda Beach Hotel Roof Top! We will enjoy a light yoga flow to stretch out our surfed out arms while the sun sets in front of us over the horizont. Once we are done with our practice we stay at this beautiful hotel for a VIP dinner overlooking the ocean.

Day 5

Today we take a boat along the river and head to a spectacular waterfall where we will have a swim and a picnic. After spending some time in the Mangroves and the river we will enjoy a lunch in front of the ocean at Iemanja Beach Club followed by a very special activity: SUP Yoga (yes, Yoga on the water!).

Once we are done with yoga-ing and dancing we head to the beach where we will experience a unique cooking experience performed by the staff of Vila Barracuda that will prepare a bananaleaf-sealed grilled fish. While we wait for dinner to be served on the beach we enjoy some wine, a bonfire and some live Ukulele playing in the background.

Day 6

We will enjoy a delicious brunch made and served with lots of love by the staff of Vila Barracuda before it is time for goodbye-hugging and email exchanging with new friends from all over the world.✨